Your Purpose Is To Feel Good

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

At some point or another most of us stop to wonder "why am I here?... What is my purpose?". Individual responses to those seeking their purpose can vary between "I'm stuck working this job to make ends meet. So, I guess that's my purpose." to... feeling like you're having a mid life "awakening" because you feel an urgency to figure it all out right now.

I was in the latter category. LOL!

I have invested the last 19 years of my life trying to figure out my purpose. Looking back at all of "searching" I could have saved myself a lot of fret and worry if I knew then what I know now. My purpose... and your purpose is simple. The ironic thing is that the two decades of searching has led me to this.

Your purpose is to simply to be fully present and FOLLOW WHAT FEELS GOOD. Say WHAT?

AND the funny thing is that I don't have to figure out one Darn thing!

You see we all have our own personal GPS system that knows our greatest dreams and is constantly guiding us toward our most extraordinary life experience.

Have you heard the saying "We are spiritual beings having a human experience?". It's true. That spiritual part... your deep Soul.. your Inner Being is constantly sending you signals. It is guiding you to your purpose.

The problem is that our body and mind have forgotten how to listen to it. But, that is only a problem if you don't finish reading this article. By the time you are done reading this you will learn a very basic but powerful way to pick up on the signals and go full speed ahead toward your purpose.

Your deep Soul was within you when you were born. Jeremiah 1:5 says " I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations." Your Soul is connected to God and was present before you were physically conceived.

Think about a newborn baby. A newborn baby doesn't have developed language but somehow it learns how to raise its head... roll over... crawl... sit up... pull to stand... take its first steps... and then run.

How does it do all of that?

We, parents, don't tell it to do every developmental step. Most parents don't know how to teach it to do all of that. ( Well, unless you're a Physical Therapist, of course.)

How does it learn how to do all of that?

The baby is following what feels good. It is curious and knows that it wants to do more. So, every day it lifts its head to look around to see if there is something fun to do. Lifting its head is making the baby stronger (have you SEEN the proportion of a baby's head to its body. Baby's heads are HUGE!! Lifting those things are like doing a P90X work out!!)

The baby is following what feels good and is learning how to sit, stand, walk, and run simply by following what feels good.

Jeremiah 29:11 says " For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

They are plans for good...They are plans for GOOD...THEY ARE PLANS FOR GOOD. :-)

We get in our own way because most of us believe that we have to struggle to succeed. We feel the need to EARN whatever rewards we receive by working hard, paying our dues, and somehow justifying any great pay out that we may have.

But, the truth is that each of us was created with what brings you joy.. what lights you up.. what delights your heart being woven into your purpose.

What are your "gifts"? What are you really good at doing? What talent or contribution do you do that people tend to acknowledge and complement? Typically, it is those gifts that we have are also things we LOVE doing. Athletes typically LOVE playing the sport they play. CEO's typically enjoy being in a position of leadership. Musicians could be making music for hours and suddenly realize time has flown by because they are so lost enjoying what they are doing.

The gifts that were created within you are meant for you so share with others and experience joy along the way.

In "#spirituality speak" I define feeling good as: whatever feels right, brings peace, leads to excitement, is easy, and brings joy. Of course, doing what feels good also has no ill effects on others or yourself. It is simply pure joy, easy bliss, and contentment in the moment.

Breaking it down to the moment-to-moment situations every day, all day, we are met with choices. What I am experiencing is that I am continuously checking in with my Self to ask "what feels better?". When I follow what feels good amazing and, at times, miraculous things happen.

Recently, with all of the uncertainty attached to the #Coronavirus lockdown I was starting to get a little worried about money. While driving to my Mom's house to drop off some water and paper towels for her I started to think about all that was going on.

(Now, I figure my parents took care of me for the first few decades of my life. So, when I get my mom groceries, especially during a world wide pandemic, I don't expect her to pay me back. I'm simply taking care of her how she took care of me.)

On my way to my Mom's house I felt my body respond with increased tension, my thoughts were starting to race of various things I could do to make ends meet until the world got back in motion. Right then I stopped myself, took a deep breath, and started to say "All is well. All will be well. I have and will have everything I need. I am going to be so excited to see how all of this is going to play out in fun, funny, and miraculous ways. I feel so good because I know I have everything I need. I love that I don't have to figure it all out right now. I am so thankful that right now ... in this moment I am fine." Saying those things to myself felt better, brought more peace, and actually made me have curious excitement about how everything is going to work together for my good.

Feeling much better as I arrived at my Mom's house I started unloading the groceries I got for her into her house. She came bounding out of her house with a check to pay me for all of the groceries I had been buying for her.

Honestly, I'm not sure whether I will cash it or not. But, it certainly was a sign that I don't have to worry.

There are little (and BIG) unexpected miracles that happen like that EVERY DAY as I follow what feels good. Whether it is DOING something that feels good (like go for a walk on a beautiful day) or think in a way that feels good. In doing so, I really am a master at what some people call "#manifesting". I think of it as simply allowing and realizing ALL that is meant for me. Part of my purpose in following what feels good is helping YOU see that you have the same ability and power. I'm simply helping you learn to realize all that is meant for you.

Follow what feels good. It is part of fulfilling God's plan.

Your gifts within you are what God needs you to use to fulfill His Master Design. It's all woven together and it's good. It's SO GOOD!

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Quiet your mind... Love your body... Listen to your Soul.                              - Debbie Wolpert

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