This is the part that is supposed to be about Debbie.  But, the truth is, this is about you.  It is ALL about YOU.

You see... there is more to you than you may realize.  There is more waiting FOR you when you learn to follow the deepest part of you.  You... connected to the core of your being... are more powerful than millions of others who are not. 

It is vital that you know this.

You may not know HOW to do this.

That's where Debbie comes in.

For 50+ years Debbie has explored life, the Universe, God, science, religions, and spirituality.  For more than 30 years Debbie has worked as a Physical Therapist.  Her unique expertise in Sports Medicine, combined with more than two decades of studying all areas of high performance - sports psychology, mindfulness, and nutrition - has led to her working with some of the most prestigious athletes in the world. 

Having helped professional sports teams including the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Rams, PGA golfers, Olympians, and Super Bowl winners, she now combines cutting edge teaching with self-realization methods to help everyone excel in their game

and in life.


Those who work with Debbie will attest that she has elevated their level of success and well-being by using the powerful

mind-body-soul connection to transform every part of life.


No matter where you are in life, Debbie has the tools to help you experience more than you've ever imagined. 

You...becoming who you are fully meant to be...

is what this is all about.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Quiet your mind... Love your body... Listen to your Soul.                              - Debbie Wolpert

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